Dacia Duster Price List

All-New DusterPriceC02 EmissionsAnnual Tax
TCe 130 Techroad
€23,790162g/km €280
Blue dCi 115 Techroad
€24,500137g/km €200
TCe 100 Essential €18,640TBC
Blue dCi 115 Essential €20,350TBC
Blue dCi 115 4WD Essential €22,350
144g/km €200
TCe 100 Comfort €20,740TBC €270
TCe 130 Comfort €21,740TBC €280
Blue dCi 115 Comfort €22,450TBC €200
Blue dCi 115 4WD Comfort €24,450145g/km €200
TCe 130 Prestige €23,240TBC €280
Blue dCi 115 Prestige €23,950142g/km €200
Blue dCi 115 4WD Prestige €25,950147g/km €200

Note: Every endeavor has been made to ensure that the information contained in this price list was accurate at the date of publication (January 2020). Prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed. For the most up to date, and guaranteed accurate prices, please call or email our Windsor teams and a member of staff team will be happy to assist you