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Disabled Scheme

People with certain disabilities may qualify for relief of VAT & VRT when buying a new or used car. The main provisions of the Scheme can be summarised as follows:

The Scheme is open to persons who meet the specified medical criteria and have obtained a Primary Medical Certificate to that effect. They can apply for relief either as a driver or a passenger. Alternatively, there is provision for family members to apply.

Relief in respect of Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) and Value Added Tax (VAT) may be obtained, subject to a maximum of:

  • €9,525 for a driver
  • €15,875 for a passenger
  • €15,875 for a family member

Relief is restricted to a vehicle which has been specially constructed or adapted for use by a person with a disability and which has an engine size of less than 2,000cc in the case of a driver and 4,000cc in the case of a passenger.

A vehicle which has been relieved from tax may not be disposed of for at least two years.

A person admitted to the Scheme may also apply for a repayment of excise duty on fuel used in the vehicle, for the transport of the person with the disability, up to a maximum of 600 gallons or 2,728 litres per year.

A vehicle which has been admitted to the Scheme is also exempt from the payment of annual road tax.

For further information on this scheme, and help with the paperwork involved in applying for these concessions, please contact the sales team in your preferred Windsor Branch.

Tax Relief for Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers

There are a range of tax reliefs available for disabled drivers and disabled passengers in Ireland.
You can claim:

  • Remission or repayment of vehicle registration tax (VRT)
  • Repayment of value-added tax (VAT) on the purchase of a vehicle
  • Repayment of VAT on the cost of adapting a vehicle, up to a maximum of €9,525 euro for a disabled driver and €15,875 for a disabled passenger
  • Exemption from annual road tax

Only the following types of vehicles qualify for relief:

  • Vehicles that have been specially constructed or adapted for use (the pre-tax cost of adapting the vehicle must amount to at least 10% of its pre-tax cost) by a disabled person
  • Vehicles that have an engine size of less than 2,000cc in the case of the driver and 4,000cc in the case of the passenger

You can claim tax relief on:

  • A new vehicle
  • A used vehicle that has been purchased from an authorised dealer and that has not been previously registered in the state
  • You can also buy a previously registered used vehicle, in which case the amount of the repayment will be the residual tax contained in the value of the vehicle

How do I qualify?

You must have a Primary Medical Certificate, signed by your doctor, certifying your level of disability.

How do I apply?

First, Download and complete Form DD1 (pdf)
Then contact your local Windsor dealer who will give you more information on the scheme and provide you with invoices for the car you have had adapted, and any further documentation that you need.

Renewing Tax Online

Renewing your motor tax online is easy.

What do I need to log in on the tax online home page?

  • Your renewal/reminder form, containing your PIN and vehicle registration number (retain the RF100B form carefully - this PIN number cannot be reissued by phone or email)
  • Your vehicle insurance details
  • Your payment card

What then?

  • Confirm details of your vehicle
  • Confirm your name and address (you can record a change of address at this stage if you need to)
  • Enter your vehicle insurance details
  • Select the period of taxation
  • Enter your card details for payment

When will I get my tax disc?

It will be issued by post within four working days. You can track the issue of your disc by clicking on the 'Track Disc Issue' link on the homepage.

First Taxing of a New or Imported Vehicle
What do I need to submit?

  • Your RF100 form which you should have received either from your Motor Dealer or the Revenue Commissioners. This contains your vehicle registration number and the last 6 digits of the chassis number. You need them to log in. Make sure to retain your RF100 form carefully as your chassis number cannot be reissued by phone or email
  • Your vehicle insurance details
  • Your payment card

For a new or imported vehicle, the motor tax payable is calculated from the beginning of the month of registration and online applications may only be made from the next working day after the vehicle has been registered. If you have recently become the owner of a previously taxed vehicle you can only tax the vehicle online if you have received a motor tax renewal reminder notice with a special PIN for this purpose.

How does the online process work?

  • Log in at the foot of the page using the vehicle registration number and the PIN, which is the last six characters of your vehicle's chassis number, as printed on your RF100 form
  • Choose a tax class and confirm details of your vehicle, which will appear on screen
  • Confirm your name and address, or change details which appear on screen, as required
  • Enter your vehicle insurance details
  • Select the period of taxation
  • Enter your card details for payment

Change of Ownership Motor Tax
What should I do when I sell my vehicle?

First, find out if your vehicle was originally registered before or after 1st January 1993. If before that date, the process will be dealt with by your local Motor Tax Office.You need to submit:

  • A Change of Ownership Form RF200 fully completed and signed by both parties
  • Your vehicle's Registration Book

What if I'm selling a pre-1993 registered vehicle to a motor dealer?

Complete an RF200 form and submit it to your local Motor Tax Office. Then give the Registration Book to your motor dealer. Vehicles registered after 1st January 1993 are dealt with by the Vehicle Registration Unit, Shannon, Co. Clare. In that case you need to submit:

  • Vehicle Licensing Certificate or Registration Certificate. Part B of the Vehicle Licensing Certificate or the reverse side of the Registration Certificate must be fully completed by both parties and include a date of sale

And if I'm selling a vehicle registered after 1 st January 1993 to a motor dealer?

You'll be given an RF105 form by your motor dealer. Complete it and forward it to the Vehicle Registration Unit, Shannon, Co. Clare. Give the Vehicle Licensing Certificate / Registration Certificate to the motor dealer.
How do I tax a vehicle for the very first time?
To tax a vehicle for the first time you will need the following:

  • RF100 form. For a new vehicle, you'll get this directly from the Motor Dealer, while for Imported Vehicles you'll get it from the Revenue Commissioners
  • Your current Vehicle Insurance Details
  • A fee which is based on the engine capacity of your vehicle

What methods of payment are accepted?

You can pay by cheque, postal order, bank draft, cash, or credit or debit card. Please do not send cash in the post.

Where can I find out more about the NCT (National Car Test)?

Call 1890 412 413 or visit

How do I contact the Vehicle Registration Unit?

Call 1890 411 412

New Cars for Sale

Why Choose Windsor when Buying a New car?

Windsor is Ireland's largest and favourite car dealer. Why? Because we offer excellent service, great value and a large selection of cars from leading brands Nissan, Opel and Chevrolet. We also offer full vehicle serving facilities in modern workshops equipped with the necessary diagnostic technology to maintain today's modern car.

Used Cars

How do I find a Used Car?

A used car facility is provided which enables you to search our range of used cars. You can search for a 4x4, commercial vehicle, SUV, MPV, Diesel, Estate or Automatic. Depending on your selection, all makes and models from within these ranges of cars will appear. Simply click on the car you wish to see and the specifications of that car will appear.

How do I enquire about a used car?

Once you have searched through our comprehensive range of used cars and found the used car you wish to buy, simply click on the car within the list to view more details on that car. To contact the dealer selling the car of your dreams, just click on "contact us" tab and the numbers for the dealer will appear.

Why Choose Windsor when Buying a Used car?

The preference of many people to buy a used car from a recognised used car dealer is to ensure they are buying a reliable, dependable and quality used car. Buying from a recognised car dealer gives you peace of mind and confidence when purchasing a used car. By purchasing a used car from Windsor Motor Group, you can rest assured that the car has been serviced to the highest standard. All used cars from Windsor Motor Group are fully serviced and as a recognised Nissan dealer, all Nissan used cars from Windsor come with Nissan Gold Standard and one years RAC membership.

Nissan Gold Standard

What does Nissan Gold Standard mean?

The Nissan Gold Standard is a unique programme devised by Nissan Ireland, in association with our nationwide network of dealers, to give you a guarantee of quality, reliability, excellence and peace of mind when you buy a used car. All Gold Standard vehicles are prepared to meet the same high standards as a brand new Nissan. In order to meet these extremely high standards, each Nissan Gold Standard car is put through rigorous testing by qualified technicians.

What does the Nissan Gold Standard include?

When you buy a used car bearing the Nissan Gold Standard you receive a comprehensive dealership warranty and one year's RAC membership. Your RAC membership includes: rescue/roadside assistance, whereby your car will be towed to a nearby garage if necessary; at home service; and vehicle cover for any authorized driver. This cover applies throughout the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and mainland UK. So you can drive with confidence, in the full knowledge that you will receive prompt assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Car Finance

How do I apply for car finance?

We can give you instant car finance approval on line. It couldn't be simpler to start motoring today. To apply, simply complete and submit your details online. All car finance approvals are subject to certain terms and conditions, a credit bureau check and credit status.

What is your car finance rate?

Our tailored car finance package ensures that you are getting the best value car finance package when buying your new or used car. By shopping around all of the major car finance providers, we acquire a car finance package that is tailored to your needs. To calculate your repayments use our car finance calculator. All calculations are based on a rate of 8.9% APR.

What are the terms and conditions of your car finance?

Our Business Managers will explain the intricacies of the car finance package in plain language so that every detail is clear and easy to understand.