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Insurance Options

Please find below details relating to additional Insurance Options available to our customers

Vehicle Replacement Insurance

Each year the value of your car depreciates. The vehicle replacement insurance covers the short-fall of this depreciation. In the case of an event where your car has been written off as a total loss or stolen and not recovered we will:

Pay the difference between:
The amount you paid for the car Or the "car salesman guide" valuation of the car at the time you bought it (whichever is lower) And the amount paid following write-off by your insurer.

We will pay up to €15,000.

The cost is €395 for a one off payment for a car valued up to €40,000. This covers you for 3 years. Alternatively you can pay €39 per month for 9 months with a €59 deposit upfront and you are still covered for 3 years.

Your VRI Policy will pay the difference your insurance company don't pay in the event of your vehicle been written off. They pay back the Invoice price within 3 years, regardless of the value of your car at the time of claim.

Vehicle replacement insurance can be purchased on cars registered from 2003 onwards.

Please note VRI is underwritten by AXA Insurance Limited, Wolfe Tone House, Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1. Registration Number 136155. AXA Insurance Limited is regulated by the Financial Regulator.

Payment Protection

This is a means of protecting your car loan in the case of unforeseen circumstances. If for some reason you are unable to pay

There are 3 types of insurance you can purchase:

  • Life - which covers you in the case of death
  • Life, Accident, Sickness - death or an accident where you may be out of work for a period of time
  • Life, Accident, Sickness/ Redundancy (Payee), Critical illness (Self Employed)

The premium on this works out as a % of the monthly payments of your car loan, but you can protect your loan from as little as €4 per week The payment protection insurance is optional however we do recommend this option to all our customers.

Terms and conditions apply.

Payment protection is only available to Windsor Motors Finance customers.

To purchase a VRI or a Payment Protection policy today and get some peace of mind contact the Business Manager in your local branch or complete the form below and we will contact you.

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