5 Questions to Ask When Test-Driving a New Car: theJournal.ie Interviews Windsor Expert Pat Comerford

Finding the perfect car for you and yours can be a stressful process. Petrol or diesel, electric or hybrid, saloon or SUV, 5-seater or 7-seater, what price, and moreover what finance? Yet, when a decision is to be made about what car to purchase, the test-drive is usually critical. So, when theJournal.ie took their weekly car-buying question regarding what a buyer should look out for when test-driving a new car, they chose to interview our expert Patrick Comerford, Dealership Manager at Windsor Deansgrange Nissan.

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Here are Patrick’s five must-checks when test-driving a new car:

1. How does all that ‘cool’ tech work in a day to day situation?

Patrick recommends requesting that the salesperson demos the car first for a short drive, so that he or she can show you how some of the tech features work in a real-world situation. For example, ask the salesperson to show you how the emergency brake systems or hill assist work in any given model.

2. Do you feel at ease in the driver’s seat?

If you’re trading up then the new model could be fitted with a totally new driving position. So, make sure your seat, mirrors and steering wheel are in the right position and that you are comfortable before beginning the test-drive. Give the new car a chance to prove itself.

3. Is there enough storage for my needs?

Depending on if you are wondering whether a car will fit golf clubs or a baby buggy, you could bring those items to the dealership and check for yourself for the fit.

4. How does this new car drive in different situations?

Make sure to discover how the car drives at a low speed on a slim road with speed bumps, and how it handles some acceleration on an open road. So, ask the salesperson to bring you to a housing estate with speed bumps, or business destination with a long drive, and then to a main road.

5. And finally if the car is for a family, then what do the kids think?

It is no harm to bring the kids along for a second visit following the test drive. With bigger cars, you want to be certain there’s enough space for a family now and perhaps in a few years too, so allow the rest of the family to check the car out. Once you get thumbs up from all, then it might be time to negotiate.

Thank you for sharing your expertise and for permission to share some of your interview here Patrick! For those of you who wish to find out more - you can read the full interview by clicking theJournal.ie.

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