It’s that time of year again when we are reminded of how the elements and driving that increases risk can lead to significant loss of life and injury on our roads. This year, and for the second year running, Gardaí have joined with fellow police forces around Europe, today September 21st, to raise awareness of road safety on the second ever ‘European Day Without A Road Death’ initiative.

Known as Project Edward and launched in 2016, the project is supported by drivers across the continent and petitions us to make a pledge to be more careful and mindful drivers, so that on at least one day per year to begin with, there are no road fatalities across Europe.

Today is the day of action Thursday 21 September


TISPOL’s aim (TISPOL is the European Traffic Police Network), is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on Thursday 21 September. They believe by pledging to pause and reflect, that Project EDWARD can make a significant contribution towards further significant and long-term reductions in road death and serious injury.

Project EDWARD is supported by all 30 TISPOL member countries, and road safety organisations have pledged to work with TISPOL to promote the messages of EDWARD to the widest audience possible. They hope that, with support from their European colleagues and partners, Project EDWARD will become a high-profile initiative reminding everyone that a great deal of hard work is going on across Europe towards our 2020 casualty reduction goals. The long-term aim is to deliver sustained reductions in deaths and serious injuries on roads across the world.

You can click to find the results from last years Project Edward 2016 and make your pledge as either a public endorsement or as a day of private mindful driving by reading the pledge below or clicking on the hyperlink ‘Project Edward’.


I Promise That I Will:

• Remind my family, friends and colleagues to take extra care on the roads.

• Put my lights on for safety.

• Drive as safely as I can when behind the wheel or riding a motorbike or bicycle.

• Be extra vigilant and attentive to pedestrians, cyclists, children, older people & horse riders.

• Drive at speeds that are both legal and safe.

• Carry out proper safety checks on my tyres.

• Pay particular attention when driving near schools, and where there are lots of children.

• Never drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs/medicines that could impair safety.

• Look as far ahead as possible and not tailgate other drivers

• Always wear my seat belt and ensure that everyone with me wears theirs.

• Not use my mobile phone while driving.

• Ensuring I am not distracted by anything inside or outside the car, or inside my head.

• Set a good example to my passengers by driving calmly and safely.

Make the pledge and be safe today. You can also follow the initiative on Twitter: