Charge your Renault electric vehicle across Europe with a single mobile app

Now you can drive your Renault Twizy, Renault ZOE and Renault Kangoo ZE with confidence across Europe with Renault's new Renault Z.E. Pass app.

Renault have launched the next innovation in electric mobility. Renault Z.E. Pass frees owners of Renault electric vehicles from the inconvenience of registering with multiple charging operators in advance of longer journeys. A single app replaces a multitude of cards in your wallet, and a screen full of apps on your phone. Renault Z.E. Pass is a payment platform which allows Renault Z.E. customers to access over 11,000 public charge points belonging to multiple operators, using a single account. This account is accessed using a mobile app (available for iPhone and Android), and an RFID card.

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No need to wait for your ESB eCars RFID Card

Renault Z.E. Pass allows customers to charge at all ESB eCars charging points in the Republic of Ireland, without using an ESB account. We recommend applying to ESB eCars for a card, as Renault Z.E. Pass does not currently operate in Northern Ireland. This can be done by visiting the ESB site here. While the ESB process is relatively slow, the Z.E. Pass application is instant, so you can start charging immediately.

Geographical Reach

The platform operates in multiple European countries, including Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with more coming on stream in the next year (including the United Kingdom). Participating charging points can be located using the mobile app, and charging can be started and finished using either the app or your RFID card.


Renault Z.E. Pass is operated by Bosch. You will be charged a small fixed fee per connection on top of the operator’s charge. Each charging point’s fees are shown on the app so you can see costs before you plug in. The Bosch fee is waived wherever operators allow free charging.

How to Set Up Renault Z.E. Pass

Download the Renault Z.E. Pass app from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. Once installed you will be asked to set up your account with some key details. A credit or debit card is required as this is a pan-European system and most public charging outside Ireland is not free to use. Additionally, a valid VIN for a Renault Z.E. vehicle is required to avail of a discount on the Bosch fee.