Drive happy with Windsor – The customer champion

The dealership way of doing things is changing, and so we too at Windsor are changing… 

At Windsor, we understand that what delights our customers is what makes our customers happy. We are and always have been the customer’s champion, providing reliable choices, affordable finance, expert and comprehensive car services. 

With Windsor, we regard our car buyers as customers for life: we know their needs will evolve and we want to be there for them every step of the way, whether it’s their first car, their first new car, their first family car, or even when they want to trade down to something more manageable. That is why when we provide our customers with safe, affordable and fun choices we wish for them to drive away happy… 

What kind of car will make you happiest? A car whose personality, benefits and features match your needs and wants wherever you find yourself on life’s journey. How can you keep your car happy? With Windsor warranties, customer care, brand specialist service and aftercare… Our goal is to excel in facilitating our customers to drive happy and safely.

At Windsor, we have been helping customers to buy and look after their cars for over 50 years, and we have accustomed ourselves to much industry change in that time. Wherever you are on life’s journey, we’ve the car for you! Moreover, we have a range of brand marques from which to choose...

So, take a moment to watch our video highlighting how we are changing to accommodate your needs and discover why so many of our customers recommend us. Do call in or visit one of our dealerships today - We look forward to meeting you :)

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