Driving Home for Christmas... Advice from Windsor on How to Plan Your Road Journey this Christmas

‘Tis the Season, so we are offering advice to those planning long trips from airports and ferry ports today and tomorrow...

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Advice on how to plan your long distance road journey this Christmas:

You can have a quick run through the following Windsor pointers to see if you are ready for long distance driving perhaps in snow and ice this Christmas – and be careful using SatNav only – see our alternative journey planning resources below:

• Make sure to have more than an adequate supply of fuel for your journey
• Check your emergency equipment
• Try to drive between 10am and 4pm when road conditions are best
• Don’t rush! Allow extra time and drive with caution. Call your loved ones and let them know what route you’re taking and when they can expect you home
CAUTION about SatNav: If you do not know your route, and are using SatNav/GPS, be careful not to take a dangerous route, such as across mountainous terrain or along narrow back-roads, which could be hazardous due to snow and ice. Do not rely totally on a SatNav/GPS, look at your route on a map

Important alternative planning sources to SatNav:
• Check information on your route. For example, from Transport Infrastructure Ireland, (TII) website www.tiitraffic.ie and follow them on Twitter @TIITraffic. You can register with TII to receive email alerts for your journey, and you can register for a TII app
• Check with AA Roadwatch website www.aaroadwatch.ie or follow them on Twitter @aaroadwatch.
• Listen to TV or radio bulletins for the weather forecast. You can visit https://www.met.ie/forecasts/5day-ireland.asp for a five-day forecast.

And if you have any doubts about your vehicle winter road worthiness you should get your car serviced this Winter...

So, if you’re ho-ho humming over the Christmas about getting your car’s winter service, then don’t hesitate! To be sure, get a full service at Windsor, or buy parts upto €600 from Windsor this winter, and we’ll also give you a free Holiday Hamper packed with treats (Available until early January).

So, you’re all set to Drive happy with Windsor this Holiday Season and for Winter!

We Are Open December 27th, 28th and 29th, and Open as Usual from January 2nd 2018.

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