Windsor Offering FREE TYRE CHECKS and 10% Off Required Tyre Purchases from 27th November!

The ‘Be Winter Ready’ campaign was launched this week to help us to stay safe when we take to the roads in cold weather, be it for the school run, the commute to work, or indeed the daily visit to take care of our elderly. Of particular concern this year is teaching drivers how to be safe and knowledgeable when driving in icy conditions, especially when there is black ice.

So, are your tyres winter ready?

Have a quick run through the Windsor Tyre Checklist below to see if you need to tend to your tyres to remain safe on icy roads this winter:

  • Check your tyre treads and pressure, including the spare in your check. While the minimum legal limit is 1.6mm, a minimum tread of 3mm is advised for winter driving
  • Always use tyre labels when purchasing new tyres. A tyre label shows the wet grip braking performance of a tyre, its fuel efficiency and the level of external noise it produces
  • For wet grip and fuel efficiency, you should examine your tyre label. It provides a rating from A-G, with A being the highest performance rating and G being the lowest. From a road safety point of view, wet grip is one of the most important performance characteristics of a tyre as it improves a vehicle’s ability to brake on wet roads. A tyre with a wet grip rating of F will need an extra 18 metres to stop in wet conditions when compared to an A rated tyre. That’s equivalent to the length of roughly four cars.

  • Be sure to be safe – call into a Windsor dealership near you now. We are offering FREE tyre checks from 27th November to Christmas.

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    Drive happy, be safe. Get your tyres winter ready in our 'Black Tyre Event'

    We have an amazing 10% off all tyres from Monday 27th of November until Friday 1st of December.

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