FTAI Holding One-Day Seminar on Future Implications of Brexit at Croke Park, November 20th

With less than 18 months to go before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, it will be imperative for our freight drivers and logistics community to come together at regular intervals to discover the facts, and engender means to bring relationships forward, to prevent the distribution of goods and services grinding to a halt on ‘Brexit Day’ (Fleet Transport Magazine, p.4, Nov 2017).

To support Irish freight businesses and business relying on freight across the country, the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI), is organising a one-day information seminar at Croke Park on 20th November 2017, entitled “Brexit: the future implications for Ireland/UK Trade”.

Frictionless Trade

Sponsored by KPMG and Brigade Electronics and partnered with Fleet Transport Magazine, the seminar is set to gather together politicians, financial and logistics experts, and broadcasters to discuss the challenges that Brexit will bring. The goal is to come to some consensus as to parameters of cooperation to bring about ‘frictionless trade’ arrangements for both countries' futures.

To this end, FTAI and General Manager Aidan Flynn have secured a stellar line-up of speakers including:

1. Deirdre Clune MEP, Transport Committee; European Parliament

2. Ray O’Leary, Assistant Secretary General: Department of Transport Tourism & Sport

3. Leigh Pomlett, Executive Director CEVA; Leader in Supply Chain Management

4. Fionn Uibh Eachach, Director KPMG

5. Declan Allen, Assistant Head of School DIT Aungier Street

6. James Hookham, Deputy CEO, FTA

7. Tony Connelly, RTE’s EU correspondent and Author

8. Aidan Gough, InterTradeIreland

This one-day seminar will provide businesses with an analysis to ascertain the overview, linking their concerns and apprehensions to their corresponding place in the supply chain. Be it skills shortages, growing legislative and regulatory requirements, or lean operating margins, they each play a part in facilitating a ‘clear path to a successful, competitive and viable future’ (p.4, Fleet Transport Magazine, Nov 2017).

For further information and to reserve a place to join the discussion you can e-mail info@ftai.ie

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