How Opel Technology Saves Lives – Introducing the Opel OnStar SOS System

Since 2015 Opel have introduced their interconnectivity system OnStar to their vehicle range set for Ireland. Proving ever more popular amongst Irish drivers, the OnStar provides a whole host of interconnectivity smartphone app features such as journey planning, WiFi connectivity, online services and importantly an intelligent SOS alert system.

Amongst this most savvy set of auto-software interconnectivity features resides the emergency response function, where staff at the OnStar emergency control centre are automatically alerted if airbags are deployed, or if sensors throughout the car record damage. The system connects car occupants to a 24-hour call centre at the touch of a button. Staff can be contacted using this SOS button, for example if a driver becomes ill when behind the wheel or has just witnessed a crash involving other vehicles.

Consider Terry, who on her way to the supermarket with her grandchildren in the back of the car, was hit by a truck on the driver side of her vehicle. Her car was railed off the motorway onto its side.

In shock and frantically pressing at any button and trying desperately to find her phone – OnStar meanwhile had been fast alerted by the airbag release, came online to speak with her, stayed with her until help arrived, and more importantly had contacted the emergency services even before she could physically contact them. Without OnStar the emergency responders would have taken longer to get to the location. Terry and her family are all safe and well in part thanks to Opel OnStar. The key is to get emergency services to the site as fast as possible, and Opel OnStar will achieve just that.

How does the SOS OnStar alert system work? Once alerted, OnStar staff, speaking in the chosen language of the vehicle’s owner, will then contact the vehicle to assess what kind of help is required, that is, whether emergency services or breakdown recovery is at issue. If there is no response, then emergency services are immediately sent to the exact location of the vehicle. The auto-technology will also collate information on the scale of the crash and data on the damage, for example, assessing whether the crash is a side-on collision and so on.

Indeed what an extraordinary leap Opel has made for road safety. One would think that all vehicles should have an OnStar SOS system. In fact Opel are at pains to profess that their range is not simply about the logic of luxury, their brand marketing is enveloped in a road safety ethos far beyond the usual sales rhetoric. Afterall, according to Tina Müller, Opel's Chief Marketing Officer, “The Future Is Everyone’s”.

If you are interested in the Opel OnStar system, or indeed thinking of trading up and purchasing an Opel vehicle with OnStar SOS system technology, do pop into us at Windsor Airside Opelor Windsor Liffey Valley Opel and we will be happy to answer all your questions. OnStar is a standard feature within the Opel range and optional on every other model. The OnStar is free of charge for the first 12 months.

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