Is Your Vehicle Winter Ready? Find Out With the Windsor DIY Checklist!

The ‘Be Winter Ready’ campaign was launched this winter to help us to stay safe when we take to the roads in cold weather, be it for the school run, the commute to work, or indeed the daily visit to take care of our elderly. 'Tis the season, so if you check through the Windsor DIY checklist and you need a service from a trained professional, we will give you a free Christmas Hamper if you choose Windsor for a full service.

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So, today we are asking the question: Is your vehicle winter ready?

Have a quick run through the Be Winter Ready DIY Checklist below to see if you need to tend to your vehicle to remain safe this winter:

  • Lights – Ensure that all your indicators and headlamps are working and clean
  • Liquids – Ensure that the water reservoir is up to the maximum mark and mixed correctly with anti-freeze
  • Oil - Check your dipstick and top up the oil if required. Check for leakages on the ground under the vehicle
  • Electrics - Check your dashboard before and after starting the engine. Listen for a weak battery and replace if required
  • Windscreen wipers – clean them regularly and replace each year
  • Tyres - Check your tyre treads and pressure, including the spare in your check. While the minimum legal limit is 1.6mm, a minimum tread of 3mm is advised for winter driving

  • So, if you’re ho-ho humming about getting your car’s winter service, then don’t hesitate! Complete your DIY checklist, and to be safe, get a full service at Windsor, or buy parts upto €600 from Windsor, and we’ll give you a free Christmas Hamper packed with treats. So, with Windsor you’re all set to Drive happy this winter… and for Christmas!

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