Love your pets and your car equally - Some helpful travel and customer protection tips from Windsor...

We all love that weekend feeling – the rush to get home to put the dogs in the car and find the nearest beach for a long refreshing walk. That said, our four-legged friends can become overexcited and create quite a mess for us on the trip home. How then can we travel well with our pets and what protections should we choose to keep our car in tip top condition for resale?

Travelling Well With Your Pet: What Not to Do...

  1. ​Pets should legally always be restrained when travelling in your car. Don’t keep them in the front, and always harness or enclose them in the back. Use a pet safety harness, cage, or pet carrier (ISPCA).
  2. Don’t leave your pet in your parked car, and certainly don’t leave your car parked in anything but a shaded area in the summer. A car interior can become unsafely hot especially for a dog. They may medically dehydrate or worse.
  3. Don’t allow your dog to put their head out of the window while driving. They can become unwell if fast flowing cold air enters their lungs.
  4. Remember, don’t take your pet on holiday to a foreign jurisdiction without their pet passport.

Tricks to Make Their Journey More Comfortable…

  1. Travelling may upset your pet’s stomach, so you may wish to bring ice-in a cooler for light refreshing intervals. Small amounts of water will be easier on your dog’s tummy while travelling.
  2. Bringing their favourite familiar scented toy may help your pet stay calm and relaxed.
  3. If you are taking a long trip be sure to plan stops ahead of time. You could also research pet friendly stop establishments beforehand.
  4. If you are taking your pet on holiday be mindful that having access to their usual comforts will help them settle. So, their favourite food, leash and collar, food dish and some of their regular bedding will suffice. Also, don’t forget any medication that they may need to take along with them.

Supagard & SMART Insurance

However, if your pet becomes unwell when travelling by car, which they invariably do, then Windsor advocates being prepared. For example, if your dog becomes agitated and scrapes your paintwork, or nauseous and soils your upholstery, then we advocate you should opt to have a minor damage insurance policy in place in the first instance, and paint and fabric protective surface sealant in the second.

For example, at Windsor our professional paint and fabric protection takes all the work out of any cleaning anytime. Just wipe and maintain a stainless interior, and if you receive puddy paw scratches on your paintwork, then having SMART insurance for minor damage will save you making a claim and thus protect your no claims bonus.

So, at Windsor we think there should be a choice between loving your car or loving your pet. If well prepared and protected your car can stay good as new and your pets can enjoy the unstressed you too.

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