Put Good Driving to Practice - National Slow Down Day 20th October 2017

Today, Friday October 20th is National Slow Down Day. The Gardai will be out in force from 7am today to 7am tomorrow morning to help us stop and think about our speed when driving on Irish Roads, and an abundance of extra speed checks will be in place today to enforce the National Slow Down Day initiative.

Together with the Road Safety Authority the Gardai run this initiative to encourage all of us to be mindful about our speed engendering best driving practice going forward, and of course to help reduce the number of deaths on our roads.

2016 saw a marked increase in road deaths nationwide, in which speed was a significant factor in at least one third of road deaths. Remember that the risk of death by road accident is approximately four times higher when a pedestrian is hit at 40mph than at 30mph, and high speeds have been shown to increase the likelihood of having a road accident if not collision. Bear in mind that even a 1% reduction in road speed can improve reduce the chance of a fatality upon collision to 4%, so every mindful reduction of speed put into daily practice could be saving a life...

Upon considering National Slow Down Day you might like remind yourself that the speed limit is a limit not a target (!) We should always try to think about the consequences of causing a road accident due to excessive speed. Initiatives like National Slow Down Day create a space for thoughtful reflection and engagement in safer driving habits. Do join in with National Slow Down Day today and dip your headlights on to show support for the initiative.

National Slow Down Day