Rainy Days & Mondays… Discover Windsor Hints & Tips for Driving Safely in High Wind and Flooding

Following recent Hurricane Ophelia, we are now all the more aware of how dangerous it can be when driving in high wind and flooding. The ‘Be Winter Ready’ campaign was launched this winter to help us to stay safe when we take to the roads in cold weather, be it for the school run, the commute to work, or indeed the daily visit to take care of our elderly.

'Tis the season, so if you check through the Windsor DIY checklist and you need a service from a trained professional, we will give you a free Christmas Hamper if you choose Windsor for a full service.

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So, today we are asking the question: Are you ready for driving in high wind and flooding?

Have a quick run through the Windsor Driving in High Wind and Flooding Checklist to see if you are ready for driving in high winds and flooding this winter:

  • Remember to slow down and increase your distance from the vehicle in front of you
  • When driving a high sided vehicle be extra careful when approaching exposed sections of roadway, as high winds will impact the steering dynamics of your vehicle
  • Always avoid overtaking manoeuvres on exposed sections of the roadway
  • When passing motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians, be watchful for the likelihood of the wind blowing them into your path of driving
  • Be alert to the possibility of flying debris or falling branches when driving along tree-laden roads
  • Slow down when approaching floodwater – there could be a pothole or debris concealed in the water
  • If you cannot estimate how deep the floodwater is, then it is more than likely too deep to ensure your vehicle can get through safely
  • Remember if you travel at speed into floodwater your vehicle may aquaplane and lead to loss of control
  • Always slow down when in the vicinity of pedestrians or cyclists - avoid spraying them
  • If visibility is poor drivers should turn on their dipped headlights and keep watch for pedestrians, cyclists, or children with parents crossing near schools

  • And if you have any doubts about your vehicle winter road worthiness you should get your car serviced before winter sets in…

    So, if you’re ho-ho humming about getting your car’s winter service, then don’t hesitate! To be sure, and to be safe, get a full service at Windsor, or buy parts upto €600 from Windsor this winter, and we’ll also give you a free Christmas Hamper packed with treats.

    So, with Windsor you’re all set to Drive happy this winter… and for Christmas!

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    (Photo credit: Pixabay.com)