Choose Reassurance from Terry Norton, Choose a Used Car With A Free 3 Year Service Plan from Windsor Opel... 

Windsor After Care Manager Terry Norton Explains Step by Step Why Purchasing Used Cars with Guaranteed Service Plans are Always Best:

Purchasing a used car can be hard work, and aside from ensuring that there are no surprises by conducting a comprehensive history check, there is the added prospect that more maintenance is required as cars have increased miles on the clock. With Windsor that worry is no more. You can Drive happy with Windsor Opel as we are offering a Free 3 Year Service Plan with 12-Month Warranty for a limited time only on all used cars.

Terry Norton (Windsor Opel After Care Manager) explains to prospective customers why Windsor is providing added value by including free service plans and warranties with used car purchases...

'A Free 3-Year Service Plan & Free 1-Year Warranty is worth its financial value to you in terms of eliminating standard service costs for three years, and it affords you the peace of mind that reassures you in your used car purchase from the outset'

Terry has over 20 years experience in the automotive sector having first worked from apprentice mechanic with Opel to GM Academy Gold Standard Technician. Having qualified in Business Management he is now Service Manager at Windsor Liffey Valley Opel, where he is a valued Windsor expert championing quality service for all of our customers. 

The 5 key advantages of purchasing a used vehicle with a Free Service Plan from Windsor Opel:

Transparency - We offer a transparent proof of service record as well as a free Vehicle Health Check (VHC) video so you have full visibility of the health of your car and control of any additional maintenance costs.

Expertise - Our service work is completed by Gold Standard Technicians with the most up-to-date diagnostics equipment ensuring your safety comes first. Moreover, the 12-Month Warranty offers you guaranteed peace of mind when you drive from Windsor Opel with your used car.

Resale Value - All Windsor used cars have had a full history check and have been tested to NCT standard. With our Free 3 Year Service Plan you will have a full service history when you decide to resell your used car so that it can achieve a higher resale value.

Lower Costs - Your costs will be inevitably less in the long-term. A Free 3 Year Service Plan provides you with three service bookings including the price of all standard replacement parts for your first 3 services for a used car.

Drive Safe - We manage your service routine by reminding you when your service is due each time - thus making your car service cycle easier to manage - indeed we manage that stress for you...

(*See image of Vehicle Health Check VHC Report excerpt)

So, if you are shopping around for a used car to provide added value and peace of mind why not visit Windsor Liffey Valley or Windsor Airside Opel dealerships today. Click to view stock below now:

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