The New Opel Grandland X: What dreams are made of...

The Opel Grandland X will officially celebrate its premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show September 14th-24th 2018. Here we offer you a sneak preview of what are likely to be the most talked about lifestyle features possessed by this much anticipated new candidate in the SUV growth segment.

For a start the Opel Grandland X has immediate presence. With bold design and irresistible off-road appeal it exudes a powerful, modern, and can handle anything attitude. In Opel’s own exclusive preview the Grandland X has been described as a ‘treat for eyes and ears...and in terms of a joy to drive... what dreams are made of’.

To begin with it possesses muscular SUV proportions, spacious trunk volume from 514-1652 litres, an elegant two-tone panoramic roof, and a premium Denon sound system. Moreover, it has greater mass in providing higher seating, more height, more length than the average SUV. It not only has a luxurious, spacious, and stylish interior for such a muscular contender, but it is filled to the brim with cutting-edge technologies. So, let us take a quick inventory of the technological delights the Opel Grandland X has in store for us in 2018:

Premium Class Innovations and OnStar Technology:

•Impressive 360o surround vision camera

•Advanced grip control

•Excellent connectivity and Opel OnStar with WiFi

•Bright LED headlamps with adaptive forward lighting

 Opel Grandland X Exterior

Amongst the technological features just mentioned there are extraordinary safety features provided including traffic light recognition, emergency breaking, and the amazing personal assistant Opel OnStar connection service, which is automatically activated upon the release of airbags to help you to call the emergency services particularly if you are injured and cannot call them yourself.

Aside from advanced safety features, the interior contains elegant AGR ergonomic seats with relaxing high seating positioning, individual adjustability 8-way measures, plus heating and ventiliation for long trip comfort. Indeed the Grandland X's seating has been certified by the Campaign for Healthier Backs!

In sum, the Grandland X joins Opel’s growing family of X class market segment of crossovers and is anticipated to drive growth for Opel in the booming SUV market segment and contribute to the biggest product offensive in Opel’s company history.

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