Time to Say Goodbye to Unsafe Imports... Buy a Used Car With Confidence - Choose Windsor Certified

Did you know that almost 11% of UK vehicle imports brought to the Irish market have been written-off in the UK prior to import and taxation? Moreover, even though you can use online history checks to discover issues, such as Cartell.ie, these checking systems rely for the moment on a voluntary system of notification?

How can you be assured that you are purchasing a safe vehicle? You can't. This puts Irish car buyers at a lot of risk...

"...That is why we have created our market leading Windsor Certified programme for used car vehicles. We want our customers to buy with confidence and peace of mind. When you purchase a used car from Windsor we will do more than anyone to make sure you get an affordable, quality used car that suits your motoring needs"

Peter Nicholson, MD at Windsor

Not only that, but with our Windsor Certified mark of approval and benefits you will receive:

A 12-month minimum certified warranty

A complete car history check

Our 12-month warranty provides a comprehensive level of cover, should there be any unforeseen mechanical issue within the first year of owning your car. What's more, our complete car history check will reveal whether the car was stolen or an insuance write-off, if the number plate was changed, or indeed if there is still outstanding car finance.

So, think twice about purchasing an imported vehicle. Choose Windsor Certified for assurance and peace of mind. View our trusted collection of 1000+ Windsor Certified cars today.

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