True Blue or Red Hot Red - What does your car colour say about you?

What’s in a colour when you’re buying a car – for some it’s not so important, for others it's everything… You’ve done your research and decided upon the brand, the class and make of model, that you’re going with a petrol or diesel engine depending on likely mileage, and of course the price you can afford to pay. The sales executive looks at you with that all expectant smile and asks you, or you and your partner, ‘and what colour would you like?’

Surprisingly this is the question that most people find the most difficult, and one which tends to leave young couples shuffling for an answer while for other customers anything less than a Barbie Pink Nissan Juke will simply not do! So, somewhere between hesitation and that personal statement there is a psychological realisation that a commitment is to be made – and that beyond brand and model, that colour may be the next signal to other drivers as to what you’re about. So, what do you want the colour of your car to say about you? Happily, there is some consensus:

Black: Choosing a black car suggests that you are powerful, classic, elegant, and perhaps even mysterious! If you are looking to make such an impression Windsor would have to recommend the Opel Insignia Grand Sport – Click here to find out more about this exceptional drive.

White: Choosing white will tend to suggest a pristine, clean, clinical and possibly direct manner. If you would like to make a precise first impression Windsor would certainly recommend the iconic Nissan Qashqai – Click here for find out more about this exceptional drive.

Red: Choosing red could suggest that you are sensual, dynamic, outgoing, and a leader. Red is making quite an impact this season and Windsor Galway has a full Mazda Soul Red Chrystal range. A Soul Red Chrystal Mazda CX-5 would certainly appeal to someone who knows how to make a statement.

Blue: Choosing blue could signal depth and stability, trust, loyalty, confidence and intelligence. You could make quite an impression this season with blue – it tends to be an all or nothing craze. Windsor would definitely recommend the new Opel Grandland X. A stunning choice for 2018.

Green: Choosing green, particularly dark green may communicate well-balanced, trustworthy, traditional, no-fuss, and understated class. From Windsor a Peugeot 5008 would be perfect for a stylish green choice.

Silver: Silver is a tricky colour. In modernity, it tends to have futuristic and industrial connotations, but traditionally signals prestige, elegance, calmness and containment. Certainly, our Opel Grandland X in silver would make a most sophisticated choice.

Yellow: Well, yellow is the choice of joy, fun, and every true optimist’s choice. An Opel Mokka X or a Nissan Juke would be perfect. Trendy, to the point, and modern the Opel Mokka X is certainly worth a test drive, and the Nissan Juke is the contemporary first choice if you want to be assured to make a youthful and exuberant first impression.

Grey: Grey will uniformly tend to signify a neutral, sober, practical, and even legal minded professional. Quite the sensible choice, and of course available from every brand marque portfolio for most models. Saloon or SUV shapes tend to enhance grey as a choice, but all models will do well with grey, particularly given their resale value which tends to stay stable given grey’s considerable popularity in the Irish Market.

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If you are fascinated by how popular car colour choices are more generally you can find out more from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) Irish Top Motors Interactive webpage.

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