Why can’t buying an automatic be as easy as driving one? Discover Windsor Certified Automatics...

Now it can be with amazing offers on Automatic models from Windsor Certified...

If you have ever imagined driving through a flowing alpine landscape but find yourself jolted down to earth by having to gear change and shuffle through a traffic jam, or need to be less distracted as you engage with child passengers in the back seat, then it might be time to think about changing to an automatic...

The automatic is starting to make a comeback and Windsor Certified is here to help you make the transition from manual to automatic. Indeed, automatics have now caught up in so many ways with manuals that you could be better choosing one. For example, research has shown that:

1. Automatics are easier to use and easier to learn how to use therefore perfect for a first car

2. Automatics are better for city driving as they don’t stall in stop-starts when driving through traffic

3. And they are better for driving on hills and long-range terrains for weekend breaks and family holidays

4. Automatics are less manually restrictive affording you have full attention for driving

5. And they are less stressful, for example, when engaging passengers in the back

Moreover, some driving experts recommend that those wishing to prolong their driving lives, begin to choose automatics to facilitate improved attention to the road. The reduction in attention switching from the steering wheel to gears, means that driving can be less taxing, safer, and more enjoyable.

So, get more enjoyment out of long commutes and make your daily routine that little bit more effortless. Visit Windsor today and peruse our selection of Windsor Certified automatics to match your SUV, Small Car, Estate, and Saloon life-style needs. Just call into us, call us, or search through our Windsor Certified automatic catalogue online now:

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