Windsor Delighted to Announce New FREE TO ALL Electric Vehicle Charging Point at Windsor Belgard

Windsor is delighted to announce that a new electric vehicle (EV) fast charging point (FCP) has been installed and officially opened for charging point access at Windsor Belgard from 11th January 2018. This new EV charging point is the newest edition to the ESB EV charging point infrastructure. Located at the front of the dealership forecourt, the new EV charging point will be available to charge your EV for free at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Windsor Belgard Sales Manager Stephen O'Sullivan welcomes all customers and electric vehicle owners to use this new facility. This service provides EV FCP (Fast Charging Point) FREE TO ALL energy to all EV drivers.

Windsor has long facilitated the transition of customers to electric from conception to the release of Nissan's first mass market zero emissions electric vehicle - the Nissan LEAF. The iconic Nissan LEAF is now Ireland's favourite EV, and with the pending release of a the New Nissan LEAF in February, Windsor is delighted to have endeavoured to provide this FREE TO ALL charging point to electric drivers to facilitate and encourage their adoption of a zero emissions lifestyle.

Important Information About Windsor's EV FCP Charging Point:

Belgard EV Fast Charging Point Available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

FREE TO ALL Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers Fast Charging Point (FCP) - Not exclusive to customer

*New Nissan LEAF: Accolades for Irish Market No.1 EV

The New Nissan LEAF 2.Zero is due for sale at all Windsor Nissan Dealerships from February 2018. It is the second true mass market EV produced by Nissan, and the first car to introduce e-Pedal intelligent mobility to modern driving. For more information about electric vehicles and the New Nissan LEAF click here or:

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