Windsor Wants You to Be Winter Ready – Be Tyre Safety Aware this Winter

Did you know that defective tyres were the most significant factor in vehicle-related fatalities in the last 5 years? When you check your tyres and renew them in good time you will be safer when other drivers are behaving poorly, or when there are adverse weather conditions. Now that driving with unsafe tyres automatically incurs an €80 fine and 2 Penalty Points, why not call into Windsor today and have your tyres checked by a trained technician for free.

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Tyre Safety: What to look out for

  • Check your tyre treads and pressure, including the spare in your check. While the minimum legal limit is 1.6mm, a minimum tread of 3mm is advised for winter driving
  • Check the performance label of a tyre before buying it
  • A tyre label shows the wet grip braking performance of a tyre, its fuel efficiency and the level of external noise it produces. For wet grip and fuel efficiency, it provides a rating from A-G, with A being the highest performance rating and G being the lowest
  • From a road safety point of view, wet grip is one of the most important performance characteristics of a tyre as it improves a vehicle’s ability to brake on wet roads. A tyre with a wet grip rating of F will need an extra 18 metres to stop in wet conditions when compared to an A rated tyre. That’s equivalent to the length of roughly four cars.
  • Get an independent assessment of how safe your tyres are from a trained technician