Women buy cars too! What the statistics tell us about how women think when shopping for cars…

Did you know that over 85% of car buying decisions are influenced by women? In fact, women spend €167billion on automotive industry purchases annually worldwide. Many of you might say that this is not surprising given that women make up almost half the population, and have funded their lives independently for decades. Yet the majority of women prefer to visit the dentist than buy or service a car at a dealership. Why? Because they feel intimidated by the dealership context.

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What the statistics tell us about women who buy cars:

  • Women are more than an automotive consumer segment – they outnumber men worldwide in driving licences held
  • Even when not named on the registration of the vehicle women play a significant role in 85% of final purchase decisions yet only 7% of front line management, sales, and service advisors tend to be women
  • It may be counter-intuitive but men tend to let emotion influence their vehicle desires whereas women are more likely to consider durability, reliability, safety and affordability
  • 75% of women say they do not feel confident in car-buying contexts compared to 50% of men who admit to the same feeling...
  • Stories of women being ignored by sales professionals who prefer to talk to their husbands are the usual manifestation of how the automotive industry creates an atmosphere contrary to these enlightening statistics to begin with. So, what are modern dealerships like Windsor to do to reverse these perceptions and encourage women?

    How Windsor facilitates their women consumers in the market for a car purchase:

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