Nissan Pulsar Red Exterior

Order any brand new 181 Nissan Pulsar before March 31st 2018 and one year later, we'll give you an identical brand new 191. For Free.

New Nissan Pulsar Price List

Nissan Pulsar ModelPriceCO2 EmissionsTax
Pulsar 1.2 XE (Tax Band A4)€22,015117g/km €200
Pulsar 1.2 SV (Tax Band A4)€23,215117g/km €200
Pulsar 1.2 EXECUTIVE (Tax Band A4)€24,215117g/km €200
Pulsar 1.2 SVE (Tax Band A4)€26,915117g/km €200
Pulsar 1.2 XE Auto (Tax Band A4)€24,015119g/km€200
Pulsar 1.2 SV Auto (Tax Band A4)€25,215119g/km€200
Pulsar 1.2 EXECUTIVE Auto (Tax Band A4)€26,215119g/km€200
Pulsar 1.2 SVE Auto (Tax Band A4)€28,915119g/km€200
Pulsar 1.5 DSL XE (Tax Band A2)€23,71594g/km€180
Pulsar 1.5 DSL SV (Tax Band A2)€24,91594g/km€180
Pulsar 1.5 DSL EXECUTIVE (Tax Band A2)€25,91594g/km€180
Pulsar 1.5 DSL SVE (Tax Band A2)€28,61594g/km€180


Metallic/Pearl Paint€600
17" Alloys, Privacy glass & Sliding Armrest€800
Nissan Connect 2 + Rear View Monitor (SV)
Auto Emergency Braking (SV)€400

All pricing above is correct as of 13/11/17

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