New Nissan LEAF Van Price List

LEAF Van 40kW
LEAF XE 40kW €38,592
LEAF SV 40kW €41,386
LEAF SV 40kW 17'' alloys €41,670
LEAF SV PREMIUM 40kW €42,363
LEAF SVE 40kW €45,355
LEAF SVE 40kW Incl. Met €45,955
LEAF SVE 40kW Incl. 2T €46,255
LEAF Van 62kW
LEAF SV 62kW €48,355
LEAF SV 62kW Incl. Met €48,955
LEAF SV 62kW Incl. 2T €49,255
LEAF SV PREMIUM 62kW €49,130
LEAF SV PREMIUM 62kW Incl. Met €49,730
LEAF SV PREMIUM 62kW Incl.2T €50,030
LEAF SVE 62kW €52,355
LEAF SVE 62kW Incl.Met €52,955
LEAF SVE 62kW Incl. 2T €53,255

Note: Every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information contained in this price list was accurate at the date of publication (November 2021). Prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed. For the most up to date, and guaranteed accurate prices, please call or email our Windsor teams and a member of staff team will be happy to assist you. All Prices include 23% VAT and delivery charges.

  • SV. This is the base van – full specifications will be available soon
  • SV + Cold Pack – Adds Cold Pack to the SV grade
  • SV Premium – To the SV Grade + Cold Pack is added EV Navigation & Connectivity, Alloy Wheels, Passenger and side airbags, Cruise control and speed limiters, Front Foglamps, Rear View Camera, a Floor Protector and Auto Lights and Wipers.