New Nissan Primastar Price List

L1H1 XE 110hp €31,995
L2H1 XE 130hp €33,995
L2H1 SV 130hp €35,345
L2H1 SV 150hp €36,845
L2H1 SV 150hp CVT €40,095
L2H1 SV 170hp €38,345
L2H1 SV 170hp CVT €41,595
L2H2 XE 150hp €36,745
L2H2 XE 170hp €38,245
L2H2 SV 150hp €37,495
L2H2 SV 170hp €38,995

All Prices include 23% VAT and delivery charges. Note: Every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information contained in this price list was accurate at the date of publication (1st December 2022). Prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed. For the most up to date, and guaranteed accurate prices, please call or email our Windsor teams and a member of staff team will be happy to assist you.