New Measures in Place for AfterCare Customers

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021.

Windsor AfterCare remains open as an essential service and customers are allowed access to essential retail outlets beyond the current 5km limit. We have implemented best-in-class safety measures and practices in each of our nationwide locations in accordance with guidelines set out by both the HSE and WHO.

We care about caring for you.

To ensure utmost safety when visiting our dealerships, we have put a number of measures in place to protect the health of our customers and colleagues.

AfterCare services will be strictly by appointment only to reduce queues at the AfterCare desk and to reduce wait times for our customers.

On arrival, automated hand sanitising facilities are put in place for customers and colleagues to use. Once car keys are dropped off, a member of our AfterCare team will clean and fit a bespoke 5 in 1 touch point cover kit to the vehicle.

A medical grade vehicle sanitisation will be carried out on the vehicle using SanitySystem facilities.

An interactive video will be provided to the customer which will highlight all work conducted along with the ability to approve the work carried out.

Once ready for collection, the AfterCare service can be paid for in a contactless manner by phone.