Renault Electric Vehicles

The development of electric vehicles is becoming ever more important in Europe. As we strive to take responsibility for our environment and reduce the emissions that are harming our planet, electric technology is proving an advanced and exciting solution to the issue of cleaner motoring.

Renault is at the forefront of electric vehicle progression, with three innovative models providing drivers with reliable, green motoring options. City dwellers will find the Twizy, with its standout design and 100km range, ideal for their needs. It’s easy to manoeuvre and park, and offers a range of technology and safety features to keep you informed and protected.

If you need to go further, the Renault ZOE can meet your needs. With a range of up to 402km, low running costs and a top speed of 135kph, it can handle trips around town and at higher speeds with equal energy.

Finally, there’s the Kangoo Z.E., which is built to give business owners an affordable, zero-emissions drive for their day-to-day work. Achieving up to 200km on a single, full charge, it’s a reliable workhorse that can accommodate your needs for a range of tasks.

To find out more about the electric vehicles in the Renault range, contact us at Windsor Renault in Galway today. We’ll be happy to offer full details on prices, running costs and economy, as well as accompany you on a test drive.