New Renault TRAFIC

With your business needs at the heart of everything it does, the New Renault TRAFIC has been designed to be configurable, comfortable and dependable. With standard and long wheelbase variants, as well as crew and passenger versions, the New TRAFIC is adaptable to almost any imaginable scenario. A Platform Cab can even be used as a base to build a custom load space for those with very specific needs.


Clean lines, chrome grille, full LED headlights, dual function fog lights, C-shaped lighting signature, etc. With its modern and dynamic front-end, New TRAFIC combines robustness and endurance to create a design that helps you get the job done.


With its ergonomic dashboard, LED lights, durable and comfortable upholstery, and chrome styling... New TRAFIC re-asserts its style and stands out from the outset. More than a van, New Trafic is designed to improve your comfort and safety.

Engines and performance

New TRAFIC is available with a new 2.0L engine and a new EDC automatic dual clutch gearbox. Enjoy added comfort, power and torque, while reducing fuel consumption for 100% driving enjoyment and economy.

Safety and technology

Hill start assist (standard)Pull away smoothly on hills with a slope of more than 10% thanks to the Hill Start Assist system.

How does it work? Your New TRAFIC is automatically held steady for two seconds, giving you time to engage the clutch and pull away safely.

Grip Xtend (standard): Does life take you on some difficult roads? The innovative Grip Xtend technology comes standard on the New TRAFIC range. This traction control system offers optimal grip.

How does it work ? When the driving wheels begin to skid, the system immediately recognises that  grip is very low. Unlike a typical traction control system, it chooses not to reduce the engine power. Instead, it allows the wheels to skid in order to remove the snow, mud or sand and thus regain grip and slowly pick up speed. As for you, you remain in control of the engine power via the accelerator pedal.

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