Citroën Relay

The amazing choice of sizes and payloads means that all bases are comprehensively covered. Brand new clear glass headlights, edged in chrome and equipped with daytime running lights, are positioned high and send a bold message at a glance – this definitive van range with a peerless heritage has moved on.

Exterior Design

Citroën Relay is distinguished by a pure and optimistic design creating functionality, safety and savings. The front of Relay, with front grille reinforcement, inspires confidence and strength. A business partner, but also the flagship of your company, Citroën Relay will win you over. With new daytime LED headlights, elegantly fitting into the grille, New Relay differentiates itself with an immediately noticeable change of generation.

Interior Design

Citroën Relay is also a reference in comfort, favouring the well-being of body and mind for optimal working conditions. On board, you will find all the options for taking care of your tasks.Relay has some useful equipment and technologies rare in this class of vehicle (light commercial vehicles). They are there to facilitate driving and include the Bluetooth hands-free kit, rear view camera, and downhill speed control system.

Size & Load

Whatever length you choose, Citroën Relay can handle large volumes of materials:

• A best in its class loading width:
• between wheel arches (1,42m)
• between partitions (1.87m)
• 8 to 17 m3 of space

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The full range of attributes in the Citroën Relay can be fully experienced by taking a test drive at Windsor Citroën in Galway today.

The Citroën Relay Range

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