2020 EV Benefits for Taxi Drivers

The NTA taxi grant has been renewed for 2020, offering taxi drivers extra discounts on purchasing an Electric Vehicle as a taxi.

The question on every taxi driver’s mind has finally been answered: The NTA taxi grant is back for 2020! The renewal of this grant continues the successful 2019 offer, giving taxi drivers an extra discounts off new Electric Vehicles to be used as their taxi.

This EV incentive scheme will give Taxi drivers up to €10,000 towards the purchase of a new electric working vehicle in addition to the €600 grant from SEAI for a home charging point.

These incentives are available for the full range of eligible commercial electric vehicles along with SEAI charger grant schemes, and they will play an important role in helping commercial consumers make their purchasing decision to EVs a reality, not to mention adding to a greater number of Zero Emissions vehicles on Irish roads.

Windsor Motors is home to two of Ireland’s best-selling Electric Vehicles: the Nissan LEAF and the Renault Zoe

To learn more about purchasing an Electric Vehicle to be used as your taxi, contact our experts throughout Dublin and Galway, in one of our Windsor Nissan or Windsor Renault Dealerships.​