Windsor Drive Happy, Go-Karting Championship Final!

On a sunny Friday evening, one female and one male from each dealership and head office gathered to compete for the title of the fastest Windsor employee.

During the dealership stages of the championships, a winner from each gender was crowned, but the stakes were heightened when the best racer from each dealership was on the tracks competing for the ultimate title.

The first lap of the qualifying round saw the participants taking their time, warming up their tires, and getting a feel for the track. However, reaching the third lap, it was clear that these racers meant business and by the end of the qualifying round, with the sun beating down on top of them, it was clear that the fight for the trophy was not going to be an easy one.

The final race was minus a few staff members who fought the good fight but inevitably threw in the towel. The supporters on the balcony cheered on their friends and family and everyone roared as two racers sped ahead of the majority, one taking over the other in a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile, there were a few stragglers who got turned around or mistook the grass for the track. In the end, the exhausted racers came in with big smiles and courteous congratulations to the winner Eoin Morrison from Windsor Airside. Second and third awards were given out to each female and male participants whilst everyone clapped and whistled for their colleagues.

The venue, weather, high spirits, and a small bit of competitiveness made the day a thoroughly enjoyable one with lots of passion and a few burnt-out karts.

Everyone left Whiteriver Karting with a sense of accomplishment and a zest for Go-Karting. While Eoin drove away with the tittle and the trophy, but it won't be for long once the next Windsor competition commences!

For a more visual recap of the day, have a gawk at the video below!

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