3 Es of ZOE​

Check out our video of Rachel & Michael and learn how they Take Charge with their all-electric Renault ZOE.

Rachel and Michael have recently Taken Charge and purchased their SECOND Renault ZOE from Windsor Galway Renault. Rachel & Michael bought their first 22kW Renault Zoe in 2018 before trading it up for the 41kW battery model in March of this year.

With over a year of experience of owning the Renault ZOE, we sat down with Rachel & Michael to ask them how they have been living by the 3 Es of being a ZOE driver: Easy, Environment and Euros.


Whether you’re waking up to a fully-charged battery each morning having charged up from home or topping up at one of over 1,200 charging points in Ireland, life with a ZOE is always easy. Rachel & Michael combine their home charger with the public charging network to get the best of both worlds in terms of ease of use of their ZOE.


“Emissions are emissions. If you can reduce your carbon footprint as a family, you should”. In Michael’s own words, the Renault ZOE goes a long way to helping the family to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Renault ZOE has does not produce any toxic tailpipe emissions. In fact, the only thing to come out of the back of the ZOE is C02 – water.


“A petrol or diesel car was costing more than €50 a week in fuel. The ZOE costs less than €10 per week to charge”. For Rachel, as with all ZOE owners, it’s all about the total cost of ownership.

The ZOE reduces your fuel bills almost immediately over a petrol or diesel car. On average, over 20,000km of driving, you will save over €1,000 just in fuel costs. The Renault ZOE has fewer moving parts than a standard engine also, meaning far less frequent services and much cheaper service charges also. Couple this to 0% APR finance from Renault Bank and you can save thousands!

To find out how you can Take Charge and switch to a Renault ZOE today, contact Windsor Galway Renault or Windsor Airside Renault to learn more and book your test drive.