School runs

Back to School Runs Stress!!

With schools returned, long school run queues and the mayhem of the car, we understand the stress. At Windsor we think the school run should be the least of your worries.Reducing the tantrums of cranky kids on their way to school, here are our tips on making school runs more peaceful.

A game:

The most popular car games that we know is ‘Eye spy’ and ‘I went to the shop’. However we know a few extra that may be worth switching up during the week. ‘The alphabet game’, this game includes going through the alphabet but only naming things you can see in order of the alphabet. The next game that is a bit of a mind-melter is ‘Word Follow Up’. This game includes picking a topic and naming something then the next person must say something in association with the topic from the last letter of the previous persons word.

Pop up the music and play kids favourite’s:

I mean if you have to listen to baby shark on repeat just to get the kids in to school, it isn’t the worst faith. Depending on their age you could even get away with playing your own favourites to get everybody in the headspace for the day ahead. Try to get a good sing along before school. You can even have your kids take it in turn to pick a song. Here’s one playlist for the younger ones. Kid's Playlist

Kids on Ipad school run


Not necessarily sweets but something of interest to your kids, like choosing the song first the next morning or choosing what they will have for dinner ( within reason). If they are good in the car they get a treat, or whoever is the best in the car during the school runs can choose an activity to do during the weekend or what movie to watch when they get home.

Taking advantage of technology:

In this day and age we are all lucky to be blessed with technology, whether it be in your new car with a touch screen or phone that allows you to share funny pictures with friends. Why not take advantage of how distracting technology can be and let your kids watch some YouTube or TikTok before heading to school ( educational of course) ! An easy fix and a less stressful school journey.

The last tip is for young kids.

A colouring book or crayons to draw. While this may have some effects like a dirty car it's probably the most distracting thing. Even we stay quiet when we are colouring. In a world of our own and why wouldn’t you be. When there is crayons and colouring involved there is a masterpiece being created, even if it doesn’t look like Picasso's!