Drive Happy This Winter With Our Helpful Guide To Poor Driving Conditions

As bad weather approaches we’ve put together a handy guide to help you drive happy in poor conditions this winter. Make sure you take every necessary precaution when making journeys across the country over the winter months. 

Don’t get caught out! Here are some simple things to help driving in poor weather.​​


Your tyres are the only thing between you and the road. When you need to stop, it’s your tyres that stop you. Check them before making any journey over the winter months. Remember the legal minimum thread depth for tyres in Ireland is 1.6mm.

Make sure they’re inflated to the correct pressures. Correct cold tyre pressure is between 32-25PSI. The last thing you need is a de-flation at the side of the motorway in lashing rain! Check your spare wheel too. Is it inflated? Does your car carry one? If not, get yourself an inflation kit and make sure you know how to use it too.


Through all winter months, we encourage motorists to drive with dipped lights on at all times. This ensures safety on the roads and alerts other road users. Check your bulbs too, never embark on a journey with defective or blown lights.


Brakes are the most important safety feature of any car. However, in poor conditions, many motorists get caught out by the effect their brakes can have. Make sure you understand how ABS (anti-lock braking system) works and how they can assist you. ABS prevents your wheels from locking but can greatly reduce braking distance in adverse conditions. In bad weather, the stopping distance for cars is doubled – and multiplied by 10 in ice and snow.

In traffic, keep a safe distance at all times between you and the car in front. Remember, only a fool breaks the two second rule.

Black Ice

The invisible hazard in winter. Black ice lurks on roads in patches difficult to see. Beware of this danger which can be found in sheltered, shaded areas under trees and around walls and buildings.


This winter, we advise every road user to equip their car with a winter care pack. Make sure this pack includes a high visibility jacket, a hazard triangle, first aid kit, spare bulbs, torch, de-icer and a window scraper.

Make sure your windscreens are free of any frost or condensation before making journeys. Use spray de-icer to remove any frost from the outside of car windows and mirrors.

Keep up to date with local traffic reports. Know the conditions you’ll be driving in before making any essential journey.

So remember, slow down, take caution and drive happy this winter.

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