Best Electric Cars of 2023:

With the motor industry making a shift to electric and hybrid vehicles the options and variety of cars and vans have expanded exponentially.

While the reduction in carbon emissions is a massive plus for the environment, there are also other benefits to driving and purchasing an electric vehicle. Some perks and benefits of buying electric is the government grants and a reduction in toll prices. E-cars get a discount of half price during peak hours and up to 75% off toll prices in off-peak hours.

One worry that you may have is charging your vehicle, however with home charging being available and more charging ports being installed all over the country, charging will be more widely available. Below we explore the best of electric cars, from large to small, Windsor have everything you and your family need.

Best Electric Cars:

Windsor's fully electric range of cars!

ARIYA is the stunning expression of Nissan’s new vision. A single horizon line replaces fussy contours. Thin LED headlights shine at night, then disappear during the day. With up to 532 km of range, nothing is holding you back. The choice between 63 kWh and 87 kWh batteries and two- or all-wheel drive gives you the range you want.Fast charging offers up to 375 km in 30 minutes.

The 62kWh Nissan LEAF is equipped with an intelligent power-enhanced battery and a high-power, full electric motor that develops 214hp. Simply amazing fun, for no compromise commuting. Since its inception, the Nissan LEAF has been redefining electric motoring in a number of ways, none more so than in enabling motorists to take advantage of affordable running costs. The Nissan Leaf has many innovative features such as an app to start, warm up or cool down your vehicle via your smartphone. The Leaf also features a modern interior with ample cargo space, including folding rear seats ideal for packing the car up for school runs .

Available with either 129bhp and a 186-mile range or 215bhp and a more useful 292-mile range, this front-wheel drive hatchback has gained plenty of SUV attitude in its transformation. The closest charging points appear on the central screen of the Megane, and the My Renault app provides remote charging control, which takes away anxiety of finding a charging port near.

With a 52-kWh capacity, the battery in New Zoe E-Tech electric allows you to drive up to 395km (WLTP^).Plugging your car in at night in your home charger and waking up to a full battery every morning is super-convenient. With a 395km range most drivers rarely need to use public charging points.If you are making longer journeys the Renault Zoe E-Tech electric Chameleon charger can add 145KM range in just 30 minutes. An interior revolution with redesigned dashboard, refined finishings, new technology, more storage and available with 100% recycled seat fabric that combines comfort and respect for the environment.

The Peugeot e-208 is a youthful and sporty city car with a distinctive shape and PEUGEOT's original i-Cockpit 3D interior. It offers the freedom to choose a petrol, diesel, or electric engine, and is committed to giving you the power of choice. The Peugeot e-208 has extended active safety braking functions, automatic air conditioning and electric parking brake to give you that added safety. With a maximum range of 340km (WLTP) between charges.

Its expressive front end, its distinctive light signature, its 18" wheel rims lightened with aerodynamic insert and its horizontal bonnet topped with glossy black window strips and the Black Diamond roof enhance the PEUGEOT e-2008's efficient and sporty look.The new PEUGEOT e-2008 compact electric SUV contains a high capacity high voltage 50kWh battery, ingeniously installed to save space in the passenger compartment and boot. It has a range of 310km WLTPi, with zero CO2 emissions on the road.

The new Corsa-e gives you an impressive 337 km (WLTP)1 range without recharging. You can maximize this range by adjusting your speed, driving style, and heating behaviour while in the Corsa-e. Opel Corsa-e is spacious and practical, with 597 to 2,126 boot space. This MPV is ideal for family lifestyle and adventures.

Vehicle Data Monitoring,Mokka-e’s advanced sensors and vehicle data monitoring systems give you an intuitive, at-a-glance overview of driving conditions, assisting you in every way possible. So you know what to expect when driving! With a maximum range of 324km (WLTP) between charges you can expect to travel the distance with the Opel Mokka-e.

Citroën's new ë-C4 Electric marks a new stage in the company's electric offensive, embodying technological and modern electric mobility that is focused on comfort and versatility. The ë-C4 allows you to drive in all-electric mode on a daily basis, isolated from the outside world and with all the stresses filtered out. The car's quiet operation, fluid movement, and comfortable seats make for a pleasurable and stress-free driving experience.

The Mazda MX-30 is a new take on the electric car, designed for drivers and families who want a stylish, functional vehicle. With its freestyle doors and spacious interior, the MX-30 is both stylish and practical. And with Mazda's unique e-Skyactiv electric drive technology, it's sure to give you a smooth ride wherever you go. Mazda has taken it a step forward with vegan-friendly leatherette for the seats, these subtle touches from Mazda MX-30 make it even more eco-friendly.

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