Best Small Van 2019​

Opel Combo Life named "Best Buy Car of Europe 2019"

International jury of journalists places Opel Combo Life ahead of the competition.

The all-new Opel Combo Life has been named the “Best Buy Car of Europe 2019” by a jury of journalists from AUTOBEST. The Combo Life beat out stiff competition by 5 other contenders in a string of tests to determine the best all round package on the market right now.

The panel of judges from 31 European counties put the cars through their paces to determine, among other factors, driving ability, equipment levels, safety, running & maintenance costs, and comfort. After a final round of test-driving at the Vairano racetrack in Italy, the all-new, fifth generation Opel Combo Life came out streets ahead of the competition as the best all-round package.

The Opel Combo Life offers new ultra-modern technologies to improve driving quality, safety & performance. Including adaptive cruise control, driver drowsiness sensors & alerts, a 180-degree rear-view camera, head-up display and “Flank Guard” protection for the side-bodywork.

The Opel Combo Life also perfectly combines the comfort and dynamics of a typical hatchback, the road-holding and variability of an SUV, and the interior space of a small van thanks to the ability to fold the rear seats to increase cargo-space.

If you would like to experience the Best Buy Car of Europe 2019 for yourself, contact Windsor Liffey Valley Opel and book a test drive of the Opel Combo Life today.