Dacia Jogger the Answer to Your Family Motoring Needs!!

“The Jogger is the answer to most family motoring needs” Quoted from the Irish Times and here at Windsor we couldn’t agree more. Dacia Jogger has taken Ireland by surprise with its lightweight finish and affordability. With a 4/5 rating from Michael McAleer at The Irish Times, the Dacia Jogger is definitely the “ best seven-seater out" in 2022.

Interior design:

Dacia have made their car practical and versatile. With a media control system that allows drivers to control their audio from their steering wheel, or display the radio interface on your phone through Bluetooth. Another added interior design that would make travelling as a family easier is their sliding trays, allowing your children to set-up for a long road trip or for school runs on a Monday morning!


The affordability of the Dacia Jogger makes it a desirable car for families that need those extra seats or even just need the extra space. With Dacia stating that there is 60 different seating formats with their folding seats. McAleer found one combination that made him feel like a millionaire, when lowering the middle row and sitting in the rear seats admitting it felt like he was in "first-class". Even so, Dacia didn’t compromise on space as the middle row can easily hold three adults!

The Dacia Jogger has even more, when lowering down seats, you can extend your boot space in whatever way you see fit. Whether it be lowering the two rear seats or lowering all the passenger seats. If lowering all rows you would have a whopping 1,807 cargo space.


Michael McAleer also alluded to the prices of the Dacia Jogger being under 30,000 and demonstrated that in recent years the affordability for a 7 seater has become more expensive due to 7 seater availability dwindling. Quoted as ‘best seven-seater out there – answering all your family needs’.

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Dacia Jogger

Dacia Jogger