Nissan LEAF is World Green Car 2018!

Let's Celebrate Earth Day 2018 With These 10 Amazing LEAF Eco-Friendly Facts!

Did You Know Nissan LEAF is World Green Car 2018

Having become the World's first mass market all electric vehicle (EV) selling more than 300,000 units worldwide, and possessing amazing eco-friendly properties, the LEAF has made its presence felt in both the hearts and pockets of the consumer imagination.

In honour of this​ most prestigious accolade and with International Earth Day 2018 calling for an end to plastic pollution, our Nissan LEAF is most worthy of a 10 Amazing Eco-Friendly Facts update special!

​10 Amazing Nissan LEAF Facts

Fact 1 

99% of the Nissan LEAF is recyclable at the end of its lifespan

Fact 2 

Components of the body are made from recycled aluminium

Fact 3 

The Nissan LEAF is run off lithium batteries and these batteries are recyclable

Fact 4

All the LEAFs sold to date around the globe have helped to reduce CO2 emissions by 241 million kilograms

Fact 5

The sound installation under the hood of a Nissan LEAF is made from recycled clothing

Fact 6 

60% of Nissan LEAF's interior is already recycled material - the majority of which is recycled water bottles

Fact 7

Nissan LEAF seat materials are made from recycled PET bottles (PET: type of plastic)

Fact 8

Parts of the body are also made from recycled metals such as copper and steel

Fact 9

Nissan LEAF EV ion batteries are not toxic and can be converted into stationary energy storage structures for homes once their life cycle as a Nissan LEAF battery has ended

Fact 10

Nissan LEAF EV batteries make up a key street lighting structure for the Japanese city Fukushima within the 'Reborn Light' project framework. These batteries are completely off grid, because they have been restructured into solar powered recharging cells...

Simply Amazing...

If you are not yet convinced that the Nissan LEAF is for you, perhaps because you think of it as a mere eco-friendly concept, then think again. The Nissan LEAF is the best selling electric vehicle worldwide and has a leading presence in over 40 global markets. Having been collectively driven a total of 3.5 billion kilometres without critical battery incident, and with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) #DrivingElectric campaign launched this week, with view to the 2030 directive, why not make some time to find out more about Nissan LEAF from Windsor.

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