Tips for Driving at Night

And in poor visibility...

The cold, wet winter months lie ahead and as a result, our roads become more dangerous as night time driving increases. Reduced visibility and increased difficulty in judging speeds and stopping distances are the main cause of road collisions. So, to help you drive in the dark, we’ve put together a handy guide.

✓ Headlights

Ensure your headlights are in full working order with new bulbs fitted where possible. Check your headlight lenses and make sure they are clean and free of any dirt or debris. During the winter months, it is advised that drivers turn their dipped beam headlights on permanently while driving for maximum vision and awareness in fading light.

✓ Windscreen

Before departing on any journey, big or small, make sure your windscreen is clean and clear of any dirt or residue. This will prevent outside lights from appearing blurred and casting hazardous shadows. Remember, dirty windows are more prone to steaming up during the cold, winter months. Check your windscreen washer fluid and keep it topped up with screen wash.

✓ Stopping Distances

In twilight and dark hours, your awareness and stopping distance perception is reduced. When following traffic, leave an increased distance to the car ahead and be prepared to stop quickly. Be aware and vigilant of other drivers driving erratically and prepare to give them more space.

Plan Ahead

Plan any longer journeys in advance, so you don’t get caught out with tiredness and fatigue. Coffee is never the answer, so always pull in and take a 20+ minute nap if you feel tiredness setting in. Remember, if you have to pull in, do so in a safe place and never park on a hard shoulder.

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