Learning to drive

Get yourself driving with Windsor's Tips

Unfortunately NDLS aren’t handing out driving license like they used to. The stress of starting driving is a put off for young people, with 12 lessons and then a test at the end, that doesn’t always go according to plan.

Well here at Windsor, we want to see as many young people driving as possible so here is our tips and tricks to get you driving happy!

Tip 1:

The scariest step is starting. So just start, whether that’s applying for your theory test, getting your provisional license and starting lessons, or taking the final leap and doing the test. And while the test is the last step so many people are afraid to do it for fear of failure. Here at Windsor we say go for it regardless!​

Tip 2:

Get your parents or people you know to help teach you. Whether it's sitting your tests or starting your lessons the people around you will have tips and advice that helped them. While driving instructors are great, your parents and people around you can be extremely helpful because you can voice your worries and fears without judgement, this will help with any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

Tip 3: For the Theory Test

Do as many mock tests as possible, while trying to learn off the whole book before the test is also a way to go it's important to know the questions that may be asked. Continually taking these tests will help you learn the layout and the answers, you may also see a repetition of questions, which may appear in your actual test.

Driving lessons

Tip 4: For Driving Lessons

For your driving lessons make sure you choose an instructor that you trust or that people recommend. If you get anxious or stressed during your lessons, you want an instructor that will guide you rather than shout at you. The first lesson is by far the most nerve reckoning after that it gets easier, so just go for it!

Tip 5: For the Driving Test

Relax! Easier said than done, we know but it’s not the be all and end all!

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable especially when taking a test so make sure you are energized with food and your tank (bladder) is empty. Just like your theory it’s important to do a practice test, one to make sure you are comfortable in a situation that is similar and two, to correct any details that may be costly in your test.

Here at Windsor we want all our customers to drive happy and to ensure that more young people get the experience to drive. We hope our tips will help you get started!

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