Windsor's Electric Range

Here at Windsor we understand that there is anxiety and stress before you make a purchase,considering your kids or pets in your purchases, but we think when buying electric all your worries and woes disappear.

With cleaner air as you drive,emitting less greenhouse gases and advanced technology to make your driving smoother! At home chargers so that you can charge up before heading to work, and chargers all over the country so that you are never far from a recharge on your long journeys. Why not choose electric! 

Some of our range at Windsor!

New Cars:

Since its inception, the Nissan LEAF has been redefining electric motoring in a number of ways, none more so than in enabling motorists to take advantage of affordable running costs.The Nissan Leaf has many innovative features such as an app to start, warm up or cool down your vehicle via your smartphone. The Leaf also features a modern interior with ample cargo space, including folding rear seats ideal for packing the car up for school runs .

Maximum range between charges: 270-385km (WLTP)
Battery details: 40-62kWh lithium-ion
Motor details: 100-159kW single front-mounted motor
Fastest recharging rate: 100kW

Opel Mokka

Vehicle Data Monitoring,Mokka-e’s advanced sensors and vehicle data monitoring systems give you an intuitive, at-a-glance overview of driving conditions, assisting you in every way possible. So you know what to expect when driving!

With the infotainment screen in the centre (eight inches as standard, ten inches optionally) and a big 12-inch screen in front of the driver for the instruments. Those instruments can be adjusted and altered according to tastes or needs.

Maximum range between charges: 324km (WLTP)
Battery details: 50kWh lithium-ion
Motor details: 100kW front-wheel drive
Fastest recharging rate: 101kW

The closest charging points appear on the central screen, and the My Renault app provides remote charging control, which takes away your anxiety of finding a charging port near you or being stranded! For a change, switch to B mode and recharge the batteries each time the car decelerates.

Maximum range between charges: 298-470km (WLTP)
Battery details: 40-60kWh
Motor details: 96-160 front-wheel drive
Fastest recharging rate: 85-130kW

Renault Megane sideview
Peugeot e-208

The Peugeot e-208 has extended active safety braking functions, automatic air conditioning and electric parking brake to give you that added safety. 3D head-up digital instrument panel gives complete information on your driving. It can be projected, like a hologram, using the capacitive color touchscreen. The display has three Driving modes Eco/Normal/Sport, Battery level indicator, Animation of specific information explaining the operation of the powertrain in real-time.

Maximum range between charges: 340km (WLTP)
Battery details: 50kWh lithium-ion
Motor details: 100kW single front-mounted motor
Fastest recharging rate: 100kW DC

Enhancing and simplifying access to interior systems like air-conditioning. The intelligent grouping of controls ensures effortless operation.With the trend of electric cars being better for the environment Mazda has taken it a step forward with vegan-friendly leatherette for the seats, these subtle touches from Mazda make it more eco-friendly!

Maximum range between charges: 200km (WLTP)
Battery details: 30kWh lithium-ion (net capacity)
Motor details: 107kW single front-mounted motor
Fastest recharging rate: 50kW

Mazda MX-30
Citroen e-C4

The new ë-C4 offers up to 6 connectivity technologies, including a 10’’ touchscreen that acts as the hub for multimedia, bluetooth, and navigation. It is also combined with voice recognition, enabling the driver’s focus to be kept on the road ahead.So even when the music is on full blast you can be in complete control!

Additionally, there is ConnectedCAM Citroën®, an independent camera system that enables you to take pictures and video content directly from the car, as well as saving a video recording in the event of an accident.

Maximum range between charges: 350km (WLTP)
Battery details: 45kWh lithium-ion (net capacity)
Motor details: 100kW motor
Fastest recharging rate: 100kW

Used Cars:​

The boot is usefully commodious, holding 520 litres with all seats occupied, and there's a big underfloor storage section that could be used for charging cables, to charge up your devices, especially if your passengers are watching a movie for long journeys! You can fold the rear seats back or forward in various combinations to open up the space for whatever is needed.

Maximum range between charges: 306-521km (WLTP)
Battery details: 51.5-77kWh lithium-ion (net capacity)
Motor details: 125kW single motor; 150kW single motor; 195kW dual-motor; 220kW dual-motor
Fastest recharging rates: 100-125kW

Audi E-Tron

Environmental car