How To Stop Your Windscreen Freezing and De-Frosting Your Car.​

To help you prepare and drive happy in freezing weather conditions, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you de-frost your car and prevent frost from forming.

We’ve all been there, you’re late for work and you run outside to find your car windscreen iced over. You stare blankly at the thick layer of ice that stands between you and the rest of your day. Here are a number of steps you can take to prevent this from happening you as the cold weather approaches.

Prevention is key

Using products such as overnight de-icer (pre-icer) can be a life saver. These chemical sprays have special compounds that resist ice from forming and bonding to your windscreen. They can prevent freezing down to -25C, saving you precious time on frosty mornings. Similarly, they can be sprayed on to frost that has formed overnight allowing you to wipe the melted frost away with the cars windscreen wipers.

Ice scrapers can be a handy tool to remove thick frost. These scrapers are easy to use, simply put the scraper at an angle against the screen and scrape the ice off. For best practice, use a scraper in tandem with de-icer to make de-frosting your windscreen a simple task.

This products are inexpensive and can be picked up at you're local car parts store, fuel station or some major supermarkets. Here are some products we would recommend.

2in1 De-IcerIce Scraper

What not to do

A common reliance is the use of hot water to melt ice. This can cause serious damage. As the frozen glass is shocked with sudden hot water, any chips or minute cracks can suddenly turn into a large crack, causing the need for a replacement windscreen.

Furthermore, if the air temperature is still freezing, once you begin driving, the wind chill factor will quickly freeze the water splashed on the screen once again.

Nobody likes standing out in the freezing cold trying to defrost their car so make sure you’re prepared for freezing conditions in advance to ensure a happy driving experience.