Grants Available for People With Disabilities for Buying a Car

In Ireland, there are several grants available for people with disabilities to purchase a car. These grants aim to help individuals with disabilities overcome mobility challenges and improve their quality of life. Here are some of the grants available in Ireland:

The Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passenger Scheme provides a range of tax reliefs linked to the purchase and use of specially constructed or adapted vehicles by drivers and passengers with a disability.

Under the scheme, you can claim:

  • Remission or repayment of vehicle registration tax (VRT)
  • Repayment of value-added tax (VAT) on the purchase of a vehicle
  • Repayment of VAT on the cost of adapting a vehicle

If eligible for this scheme the following are exemptions you may be qualified for.

Motor Tax Exemption: People with disabilities who qualify for the Disabled Drivers and Passengers Scheme are also eligible for a motor tax exemption. This means that they do not have to pay motor tax on their vehicle.

If you are a driver or a passenger with a disability you can claim tax relief on:

  • A new vehicle
  • A used vehicle that has not been previously registered in the State

If you bought the vehicle before you qualified as a disabled driver or disabled passenger, a repayment of VAT and VRT, appropriate to the market value of the vehicle at the time of entry into the scheme, will be made.

If you are a passenger with disabilities and you buy a used vehicle that has previously qualified for tax relief under the scheme for transporting disabled passengers and where the original adaptions remain in place when you buy it, it is eligible for the scheme.

Fuel Grant:

A new Fuel Grant was introduced under Section 81 of Finance Act 2015 to replace the excise relief payment on the fuel element of the Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers (Tax Concessions) Scheme.

The Revenue Commissioners administer this Grant on behalf of the Department of Finance who are funding this payment. The Grant relates to fuel used during the previous 12 months in the transportation of the person with the disability and is paid in arrears. The Grant can only be paid into the customer’s personal Financial Institution Account (Bank, Building Society or Credit Union, etc.).

To apply for any of these grants or allowances, you will need to contact the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland or the relevant government department. You will also need to provide documentation to prove that you meet the eligibility criteria, such as a Primary Medical Certificate.​

There are several grants available in Ireland to help people with disabilities purchase a car. These grants aim to provide financial assistance to individuals with disabilities to meet their mobility needs and improve their quality of life. It is advisable to contact the relevant government agencies or organizations to determine the eligibility criteria and application procedures for each grant.