New Mazda SkyActiv-X ​

Mazda’s new SkyActiv-X engines will shortly be arriving at Windsor Mazda as part of the All-New Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30 power-train line-ups.

Early in 2019, we announced that Mazda’s 2 new models, the All-New Mazda3 and the upcoming Mazda CX-30, will be available with a brand new style of petrol engines, known as SkyActiv-X.

Mazda SkyActiv-X engines, in their simplest terms, are petrol-powered engines which offer the typical performance expected of a petrol engine, with the torque and fuel savings of a diesel engine.

This engine is a very important message for Mazda offering customers a new engine that combines both the benefits of diesel and petrol all under one roof.

The technology used in the SkyActiv-X is known as SPCCI or Spark Controlled Compression Ignition and is a revolutionary technology that only Mazda produces. What this means is that the engine can switch seamlessly between conventional spark ignition (traditionally found in all petrol engines),and a compression ignition mode, where a lean fuel-air mix is compressed so that it will combust even more efficiently.

The new SkyActiv-X is a high-revving, powerful petrol engine with an impressive power figure of180hp, 5.4L/100km in fuel consumption, and, thanks to lower emissions, annual road tax of just €180.

The SkyActiv-X engine will be available on the Mazda3 in late-2019. The engine will also become available from launch with the All-New Mazda CX-30, also coming in late-2019. 

To learn more about the SkyActiv-X engine, or pre-order it for yourself in an All-New Mazda3 or Mazda CX-30, contact Windsor Galway Mazda today.