Nissan X-Trail

The All-New Electrified Nissan X-Trail

The all-new electrified Nissan X-Trail has it all, from its stylish and athletic exterior to its spacious and secure interior. Nissan has created a family car in their release of electrified products, that allows for any adventure, whether with family or friends, with either a 5 seater or 7 seater vehicle available.

Exterior Design

Both the exterior and interior of the new X-Trail reflect the adventurous spirit of the vehicle – perfect for versatile and exciting trips. The exterior of this Nissan is highlighted by signature Nissan design elements, such as the floating roof and V-motion grille. The front of the car features striking headlights that are integrated into the front bumper, along with daytime running lights and indicators.

The new X-Trail has a panoramic openable sunroof and 85 degree rear door opening, to allow you full access and easier entry to the back seats of the 7 seater vehicle.

The new X-Trail will be available in 10 body colours with five two-tone combinations, creating 15 variations to choose from, allowing customers to have a choice in colour!

Interior Design  ​

The Nissan X-Trail allows 7 people to join in on the adventures with lovely leather seats for ideal comfort for all.Find the best layout for your family, between 2 and 5 passengers or the optional 7 passenger capacity. The All-New X-Trail's generous boot capacity and clever touches help you load up more easily and smartly. The luggage boards with up to 16 configurations make it even more practical to transport your gear and luggage for whatever adventures you get up to.

For even more practicality when taking on those long trips there is a tri-zone a/c allowing each area of the car to personalise the temperature in there area.

The top level of the floating center console layout features the e-shifter, the drive mode selector, and twin cup holders. There is also a 15w wireless charge pad for smartphones,the charge pad actively charges your phone, while similar features just ensure your phone's battery doesn't die, so that you never have to go without.

The new X-Trail's bigger 12.3'' high resolution display and the NissanConnect Services app help you connect to your favourite playlist and apps, set your destination and more.


A new all-wheel drive system designed to work with Nissan's electrified powertrains is introduced on the all-new X-Trail in Europe. e-4ORCE will deliver reassuring traction and confident acceleration in all conditions thanks to Nissan's most advanced all-wheel control technology. The "e" in e-4ORCE stands for Nissan's 100% electric motor drive system. "4ORCE" refers to the vehicle's physical power and energy, with "4" representing all-wheel control.

By specifically managing power output and braking performance for each wheel, thereby delivering smoothness and stability, e-4ORCE enhances driver confidence by tracing the intended driving line over almost any road surface, while never needing to change driving style or input. When cornering on snow-covered roads, for example, the vehicle can faithfully trace the driver's intended line thanks to the ultra-high-precision motor, torque distribution and brake control. With the confidence to handle such a variety of road surfaces, driving becomes more enjoyable and the driver feels more confident in a number of driving scenarios.


The all-new X-Trail offers a powerful infotainment system with a wide range of connected services that can be easily integrated with smartphones, in-car WiFi for up to seven devices, and NissanConnect Services. There is also a dedicated app that lets you monitor your vehicle.

Additional security comes in the form of Nissan's Intelligent Forward Emergency Braking with predictive function. Thanks to advanced radar technology, sensors are able to read the road beyond the car in front to detect if a vehicle suddenly brakes. The system will apply the brakes to reduce the likelihood of a collision.

Find your way easily with enhanced maps and live traffic to help keep you clear of jams. Turn-by-turn directions can be served up on the 12.3" HD NissanConnect display, on the digital gauges or on the Head-up Display. With Nissan Voice Control and Alexa Built-In, you can easily make requests within your car. Simply say “hello Nissan” and request a point of interest and more.Track your car against theft. With a tracking service partner and sophisticated GPS technology, this feature can help you pinpoint your vehicle’s location if it is stolen or lost in a large car park. This technology ensure safe travelling and less distractions so you can travel with comfort.

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