The New Renault Austral.

All you need to know.

Now available in Windsor Bray, Dublin, and Galway.

The new Renault Austral is an E-Teach full hybrid with up to 1,100 Kilometers range. The car is fitted with google, Harman Kardon audio system, and 32 advanced driver assistance systems.

Now, lets break that down and delve more into the day-to-day aspects of the car. While we all know what google is, Harmon Kardon might be a new name to some of you. This audio system is known around the world for its crisp, deep, and harmonious surround sounds.

Its parent company is also responsible for the production of JBL speakers, a more familiar name to us all. So, regardless of what music you enjoy, the Renault Austral will make sure you hear it clear and loud!

We all need a little help from time to time. This car has a THIRTY-TWO helping hands including, cruise control, a 9.3" head up display, parking assistance, and a matrix LED vision. The 9.3" head up display scans 9.3 inches ahead of the vehicle, projecting any driving information directly onto the windscreen.

The other safety feature listed above, the matrix LED vision, adjusts the shape of the car's light beams to traffic and weather conditions by using a camera located at the top of the windscreen. We could talk about the other 30 features for days, but instead let’s talk about what's under the hood....

What does E-Tech FULL hybrid mean?

An E-Tech full hybrid car enlists the help of a combustion engine (petrol), two electric engines, and a battery. It's safe to say you're covered on the power end of things with this car! There's no need to pull up the EV charging map, as the battery recharges itself when the car decelerates and breaks, making this the quickest battery you've ever charged.

The car seamlessly switches from the electric motor to the petrol engine once the car reaches between 43-80 mph, making it both fuel efficient and Co2 reducing.


Tailored for a comfortable lifestyle, the Renault Austral is a part of the groups 'cars for living' trajectory. The car boasts a spacious interior that includes a wireless smartphone charging station. With 35 Liters (0.107 square meters) of versatile storage spread across the cabin, every inch of available space is optimized.

For a truly relaxed journey, the rear seats can be smoothly slid back by 16cm. Additionally, the electric tailgate provides convenient access to a capacious boot space, which offers a maximum capacity of 555 Liters (0.67 square meters). Enough space for the buggy AND golf clubs without reaching boot capacity!

If you like what you have read, the Renault Austral is available to test drive in all of our Windsor Renault dealerships!