The Battle of the Hemispheres - Challenge 1

Batman v Superman, Sega v Nintendo, Blur v Oasis...there's a list of rivalries that we may never be able to answer but in a week when one of rugby's greatest rivalries will have a victor, with Ireland facing off against England in Twickenham for their Grand Slam decider, we thought we'd resolve rugby's other age old debate, who's better; The Northern Hemisphere or The Southern Hemisphere.

With a little help from our friends at Leinster Rugby we enlisted Noel Reid and Rory O'Loughlin to represent The Northern Hemisphere and James Lowe and Jamison Gibson-Park to defend the honour of The Southern Hemisphere.

Our referee for the day, comedian and Nigel Owens wannabe, Gary Cooke, set the guys three challenges to test their parking prowess, agility, and kicking skills in a bright but cold morning in Suttonians Rugby Club, .

Watch the first challenge video below to see who will be crowned champions and who would be left on the scrapheap.