2023 Windsor Drive Happy Championship

Who are Windsor’s Best Drivers? This summer we’re going to find out!

Get ready for some high-speed action! Over the next few months, every Windsor location will have a chance to compete in a Karting Grand Prix Race Event. The 1st-placed male and female drivers from each event will then go on to represent their dealership in a Grand Prix Finale during the summer, where they will face off against the champions from all other Windsor locations!

Terms and Conditions

  • This event is open to employees of Windsor Motor Group only.
  • Dates are subject to availability.
  • A dealership needs to have 10+ participants to have their own qualifying event - Locations with under 10 participants may be merged with another location.
  • The winners of the race are final - If you "get a bad kart", or are "a victim of someone else's bad driving" - You need to take that up with the race stewards on the day.
  • By participating in these events you acknowledge and assume any and all risks associated with the activity. All claims, damages, or injuries which may arise during participation are a matter between you and the Go-Karting facilities.
  • If you win your dealership event but cannot participate in the final, the person that came 2nd will be offered your place.
  • You can use your own helmet and race clothing - You cannot use your own go-kart.