Windsor MotorMall Honoured with Dual Nissan Awards for 2023

Windsor is proud to announce that Windsor MotorMall Nissan has been named the Nissan Ireland "Overall Dealership of the Year" and "Workshop of the Year" for 2023. These awards recognise their commitment to providing top-tier service and expertise to their valued customers.

The "Overall Dealership of the Year" award highlights their dedication to exceptional customer experiences and their extensive selection of new and used Nissan vehicles.

The "Workshop of the Year" award acknowledges the skill and dedication of their talented technicians and service professionals. The workshop ensures the safety and reliability of your Nissan, and this award recognises the excellence they deliver in maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

We're grateful to Nissan and, of course, our customers for their trust and look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional service and expertise. As can be seen above, the team is proud to hold their plaques outlining their achievements!